Make a dramatic improvement to your photography and grow as an artist joining Rafael Rojas in one of his nature and landscape photography workshops, while getting to know some of the most photogenic places around Switzerland along with some other fellow photographers.

During our workshops, we will analyse all topics related to photography in natural settings that serve as inspiration and a playground for the practice of photography. As the best way to learn is by doing, we alternate shooting sessions with personalised advice on a variety of subjects: Technical aspects, composition, knowledge of light, how to develop an artistic eye and a personal photographic vision, being in the right place at the right time, maximizing results on-site, how to post-produce images, the photographic workflow, etc..

We offer weekend workshops for those who wish to accelerate their learning, and half day workshops for those who do not have the time or energy to spend several days on a longer work­shop. We also offer private workshops, tailored to the specific wishes and skills of the client.

  • Private workshops

    Private workshops
    Place: To be agreed
    Date: To be agreed
    Language: EN, FR, SP

    The ultimate learning experience takes place in our private individual workshops and photo trips. As these events revolve around the skills, expectations, personal...
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