Private workshops
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The ultimate learning experience takes place in our private individual workshops and photo trips. As these events revolve around the skills, expectations, personal preferences, physical level, equipment used and time available of the participant and the zones to photograph and explore, we can tailor a workshop that is perfect for you.

This is also a great possibility for when your agenda does not allow you to join one of our group scheduled workshops, when you want to improve your photography while visiting a certain area or country which we do not offer in our scheduled workshops or photo trips or for when a flexible schedule needs to be arranged due to your availability.

All in all, our private workshops are the perfect solution for those who seek to maximize the learning experience with a program prepared especially for them, while discovering a certain chosen area. Anywhere, anytime, for any kind of photographer. You set up the rules.

Every year, we hold several private workshops and photo trips, either in Switzerland or in any other place in the world. On these private and exclusive events, we focus on very different aspects:

- How to fine tune your personal vision

- How to creatively approach the landscape for personal expression

- Composition and visual design

- Technical aspects of photography

- Post-processing techniques

 - Photographic workflow

- How to plan photographic sessions in nature

- How to prepare, plan and organise a photographic trip

- Film or digital photography, black and white or colour

- Knowledge of the natural subjects: Weather, light phenomena, geology, etc

- Study and use of natural light for personal expression

- Colour management: Scanning, visualizing, printing

- Feedback and constructive review of photographs taken during the workshop

- How to explore and tackle a certain part of the world photographically

- How to photograph a particular natural environment: Deserts, mountains, arctic, forests, etc

Tuition fees

We can offer private workshops and photo trips of a wide range of durations: From half a day to several days or even weeks in the case of private photographic trips. In the case of private photographic trips of long duration (1 week or more), we can also tailor them for you in any area of the world you may prefer. We will undertake all the steps with you: planning phase, creation of itinerary, personal tuition during the trip and feedback-constructive critique at the end of the trip.

Our rates include the preparation of the event based on your expectations and skills, the organization of the logistics, the personal tuition during the workshop or photo trip and the feedback-constructive critique of your photographs at the end of the event.

Tuition fees are regressive, depending on the length of the private workshop and the number of people involved. Please consult us for further details. 

From 1 to 2 people: 

Half a day (5 hours): 900 CHF

One day: 1'500 CHF

Two or more days: 1'200 CHF/day

From 3 to 6 people: 

Half a day (5 hours): 1'000 CHF

One day: 1'700 CHF

Two or more days: 1'600 CHF/day

Non photographing partners or companions pay half the fees.

Expenses for you and for Rafael Rojas (photographic tutor) + Anca Minican (logistics and support) are not covered in the fees, and should be paid separately.

Booking process

In order to book a private workshop, please contact us by using the button "contact us for booking" on the right column of this page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to start planning your private workshop or photo trip.

For all our private workshops and photo trips, we ask for a non refundable deposit of 40 % of the total fees to be paid at the moment of the booking.


Rafael Rojas

"Learn with Rafael Rojas Master Hasselblad photographer and former University lecturer"

Rafael Rojas is a fine art photographer specialized in landscape and nature photography. Following a career as an engineer, researcher and university lecturer he made a dramatic change by becoming a professional photographer of nature and landscape, his true passion and vocation. Today, he travels the planet always in search of those fleeting moments when light and land combine to create sheer magic and inspire the soul.
His work has been awarded in the most prestigious international photography competitions, including the prestigious Master Hasselblad award, First Prize several times in the IPA International Photography Awards (USA), Px3 Prix de Photographie de Paris (France), Nature’s Best (USA), International Conservation Awards (USA), European Nature Photographer of the Year GDT (Germany), MML International (Spain), Trierenberg Super Circuit (Austria), Panoramic Photographer of the Year Awards (Australia), etc.

His fine art prints, which form part of numerous private collections belonging to individuals and corporations, are often exhibited at international level, in private galleries and museums such as the Smithsonian in Washington and the Burke Museum in Seattle, USA. His photographs are also frequently used by various companies and institutions and are often published for editorial use in magazines including National Geographic Travel, Terre Sauvage, etc.

One of the activities of Rafael Rojas is teaching and lecturing about Nature Photography, which he carries out during his photographic workshops and Photo Trips. This allows him to share and pass on to others his passion and knowledge about nature and photography by means of photographic tuition in locations where natural inspiration is at hand. Rafael uses his former experience in teaching at the university, his contagious passion and a deep experience and knowledge of the natural environment to assure optimal learning and unforgettable memories for all his clients. He has collaborated in the creation of several photography books, including “Visions of Earth” and “Natura” - both from Editions Altus - and is the author of his own line of photography books “A photographer’s vision” which he publishes and distributes from his website in different languages as eBooks.

He is one of the founders and directors of the company WHYTAKE.NET - The Global Community of Nature PhotographersTM. He is also a member of the select nature photography groups “Bouts de Planète” (France) and “Portfolio Natural” (Spain). He works with a panoramic 617 medium format film camera, a Hasselblad 6x6 and a whole Nikon digital system, always set on the sturdiest tripod available. He speaks Spanish, English, French and Romanian...


Anca Minican

Accompanied by Anca Minican, codirector and cofounder of WHYTAKE.NET - The Global Community of Nature PhotographersTM

Anca Minican, the partner of Rafael Rojas, provides a very special touch to all our photographic workshops and trips. Trained as an architect and interior designer, she is a true lover of nature and the wilderness and always accompanies Rafael on his photographic expeditions all over the planet.

Her broad experience in the corporate world, her professionalism and her methodical and serious approach make her a valuable asset for the organization, on-site logistics and the support to customers during our workshops and photographic trips. She also plays a key role in the team building and knows how to create an amicable environment with a personal touch as all our clients can testify!

Anca is one of the founders and directors of the company WHYTAKE.NET - The Global Community of Nature PhotographersTM. She is also co-editor of the whole range of Rafael Rojas Photography books, ensures the representation of our Limited Edition Fine Art prints and manages the photographic library of Rafael Rojas Photography. To summarize, nothing would work without her! She speaks English, French, Spanish, Romanian and quite some Italian...


Can I decide where and when to have a private workshop or photo trip?
Yes, as long as we are available on those dates and as long as the place proposed is judged suitable by us for a photographic trip. Sometimes, the client may prefer not a precise place or country, but a certain natural environment or ecosystem: Deserts, mountains, forests, tropical, arctic, etc. We have worked in all the different environments and can provide you with some ideas to suit your preferences.

Can we combine studio sessions with out-in-the-field sessions?
Yes. In fact, we normally incorporate post-processing sessions in all our workshops, even when we are out in the field, by using a laptop, a portable projector and a screen. We can also focus even more on aspects like post-processing and colour management in our studio, but to do that we should arrange our private workshop around the area of Lausanne, Switzerland. We have the Alps, the Unesco listed Lavaux area and the Lake Geneva as our backyard, so that should be no problem at all!

Can you come to where I live?
Yes, as all private workshops and photo trips can be held anywhere, we can also relocate to your area for the duration of the private workshop or photo trip.

I intend to offer a private workshop to a loved that possible?
Yes. We will need to establish the duration, fees and basic conditions first. We will then provide you a Gift Certificate for the agreed value to be offered, and then we will be able to arrange the details and logistics of the workshop / photo trip with the photographer.

We are several photographers, do the same rates apply?
No, our tuition fees are regressive as the number of photographers in the group increases. Please contact us and tell us how many people you would like the private workshop or photo trip to include and we will give you an exact quote, depending on how many days you would like to devote to it.

Can I bring a non-photographer companion to a private workshop ?
Yes you can, and no fees apply. We will also help you with the logistics and even give you ideas for your companion to spend the time while we spend time with you focused on photography. Expenses for the accompanying person will need to be paid by the client.

Do I need to have a certain minimum photographic level?
No. As our private workshops and photo trips are completely personalised to your skills and expectations, we can accommodate all levels, from totally beginner to professional!

I still shoot film, is that a problem?
No, it is even great that you do. Rafael still shoots with film for a major part of his work and will take great pleasure in focusing the workshop / photo trip on the use of this medium.

Can you refuse to organize a private workshop or photo trip ?
Yes. Bear in mind that Rafael is very often away on photographic trips or engaged in other photography related projects, therefore in some cases the planning of a workshop or photo trip for certain dates might not be possible. Furthermore, if we consider that the area selected for the event is not suitable for the practice of photography, is dangerous, or that we cannot assume the safety of the client in such an environment, we may refuse to organize the workshop or photo trip. Basically we will only refuse something if we see there is little value or a certain level of danger for the client!

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Private workshops

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  • Price: 1'200 - 1'500 CHF/day
  • Places: 1-6
  • Language: EN, FR, SP
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