La vision de un fotógrafo: Namibia (Spanish version)

Gain a deep insight into the photographic process of Rafael Rojas, as he reveals in this eBook the motivations, vision, composition, light, techniques, locations and stories behind a selection of his best photographs in one of the most magical, surrealistic and bold places of our planet: Namibia.

"For some time now, I have wanted to write a series of books that I myself would have liked to read before or during my photographic trips. Books that could serve as a source of inspiration, information and insight about how to approach the photographic process in a certain place in all its aspects: Vision, imagination, localisation, visualisation and realisation. Books that would also help prepare for encountering the spirit of the place but without killing the magic of discovering and interpreting it myself. Books where I could find information about all the elements which would become part of my photographic activity in those unknown places: How to find not the “best” locations but the best connections, how to choose timing and light in order to increase the expressiveness of my photographs, how to convey my emotions in the most powerful way...

This book, “A Photogra­pher’s Vision: Namibia” has become my first attempt at creating one of those books I would have loved to read and opens the door to a series of books where different loca­tions and environments will be approached from a photogra­pher’s point of view, my personal point of view. "

With over 100 pages, this eBook brings an enormous amount of information and content. Throughout the five different chapters of this eBook (sand, rock, wood, water, fur), Rafael Rojas reveals the motivation, vision, composition, light, technique, locations and stories behind a selection of 26 of his best photographs.

Are the books in this series only useful to those who plan to visit that specific location or environment? The answer is a rotund NO. None of the books from the series “A photographer’s vision” will consti­tute a simple photographic guide to a particular location that the reader could use to replicate a number of iconic photographs, collect the photographic trophies and move on following the vision of others.

On the contrary, these books have been conceived to help you discover your inner voice, your own vision, your method of approaching the subject, your way of emotionally connecting with it. This is why every one of the images that appears in these books transcends the place where it was taken and the subject it represents. They become mere examples, images over which deep thoughts are aired about all the components of the photographic process. In a way, these books give voice to some of Rafael Rojas' best images and experiences as a photographer, while exploring not only the outer landscape, but most of all the inner landscape that he carries with him wherever he goes.

Therefore, much of the information that can be found in these books will be helpful to your own photography, whenever and wherever it takes place.


Guy Tal

  • This is an exquisitely beautiful eBook. Beyond that, though, it is more than just a collection of beautiful images, and speaks of the author's connection with the subjects - something so sorely missing in much of today's photography. In a world where anyone with the means to afford the trip and high-quality gear can produce images of high technical quality, it is refreshing to find a sensitive and personal narrative. Rafael's reverence for Namibia's unique landscape is evident in every page of this book.
  • José Martinez

  • Por fin un libro que va más allá de la mera técnica. Este excelente libro desvela el proceso creativo que hay detrás de cada fotografía de uno de los mejores paisajistas de España.
  • Lorraine Thomas

  • I enjoyed every page of this book! Usually one may skim a book like this and enjoy the beautiful photos, but the content was unique so I read it cover to cover within a week!
    I found it an inspirational and educational book for a photographer like me that is motivated to improve my landscape photography to a high level. Whether I go to Namibia or not, this book is great at teaching me the importance of preparation and planning, and clearly indicates things I need to think about and keep in mind when I go in search of a great photo.
    I know I will keep many things in mind that I read in this book on my next landscape photography escape, to help me improve my photography.
    I can't wait for his next book!
  • Alister Benn

  • Rafael Rojas may be one of my best friends, and we do work together running - but I like to think I can still be objective when it comes to reviewing his work.

    My review of this eBook is quite simple and to the point; when you see the name of Rafael Rojas on the front of something it means one thing - guaranteed quality.

    His attention to detail, passionate writing and superb images all come together to create an excellent product. One can only say that if this is the first in his Photographers Vision Series, I eagerly await the next.

    Highly recommended.
  • Bernard Dupas

  • Beautiful photographs, but I am not surprised knowing the work of Rafael Rojas.

    Here, in addition, we discover him as an excellent writer who communicate not only with photographs, but also with words, his feelings while in the desert. To do so, he describes to us the process of creation which dwells within the artist while creating the photographs. Composition and technique are of course important, but are put to the unique service of conveying strong emotions through the use of photography.
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    La vision de un fotógrafo: Namibia (Spanish version)

    Discover the thoughts, vision and photographic process of Rafael Rojas in Namibia

    Price 10 CHF

    • 100 pages
    • 26 high-res photographs
    • 40 full pages of text
    • PDF format
    • Adapted to the New Ipad
    • Size of file: 39 MB


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