Black & White Landscape Photography II - The videos

Mystery, timeless character, mood, ethereal qualities, simplification, departure from reality... These are just some of the reasons why photographers still produce wonderful images where color is absent.

More so than ever we have complete creative control at our fingertips - from visualization, visual design & composition, through technical and creative capture to powerful and unique creative processing on our home computers. Whereas before there was just the hard way that took many, many years to master - today we have a full range of techniques, styles and tools available that can get anyone started in just a few minutes, through to incredibly focused and personal vision that again takes many years to become proficient.


Black and White Landscape Photography - Part II - The Videos

Essential Seeing e-Modules consist of both written and audio-visual material. We rely on tried and tested methods to deliver effective learning by combining the three following elements: Theory | Practice | Reflection.

These videos are the second part of the series "Digital Black and White Landscape Photography", that we started with the ebook. These videos can be enlightening in themselves as a stand alone product. However, in order to optimize the learning experience, we strongly recommend you that you purchase and read the ebook "Black and White Landscape Photography - Part I ". You will just take the most of what the videos can offer after having read the ebook.

On these videos, you will find: 

Part I - Global Adjustments - 31 minutes

Part II - Local Adjustments - 26 minutes

Part III - Intent and Case studies - 1 hour 17 minutes


Money back guarantee of 30 days

If you are not happy with the purchase, we will give you back your money.


Bryan Timmons

  • I have finished going through your material; a huge step forward in my photography.
    Now I have a conceptual and artistic framework to use for capture and processing; I can't tell you how constructive that is.
    Before I was working on technical improvements in isolation, and feeling quite frustrated.
    And now I can't wait for your printing and Photoshop e-books and videos.
  • Michael Koppel

  • This video is not tutorial on Lightroom. Instead it is a tutorial on how to evaluate an image, what the subject or feeling Rafael wants to bring out in the image and what may distract from that. He tells you why he took an image (mystery, solitude, drama etc) and then, proceeds to show you how to use Lightroom as a tool to bring out that feeling in the image.

    I learned something in every example and was able to apply it to my work immediately. This is a great tool for any one who wants to understand how to take a raw image and with your intention, bring it to life. Highly recommended.
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    Black & White Landscape Photography II - The videos

    Part II - The Videos

    Price 15 CHF

    • 130 minutes of content
    • Learn how to post-process B&W images 
    • Use of Adobe Lightroom
    • Format mp4
    • Size of file: 1.1 GB
    • Money-back Guarantee of 30 days


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