The Photographic Message

How to put in visual terms your thoughts, feelings and concepts? In fact, how to find those messages in the first place?

A thought-provoking ebook about the creative process of photography as a way of personal expression

This ebook tackles the beginning of the creative journey of the photographer. Inspiring and thought-provoking text accompanied by more than fifty case studies of images made by the author where the message is analyzed and explained. A must have for anyone wanting to use photography as a mirror, not only as a window... 

When we discuss about personal photography, we refer to photography being used with the purpose of saying something that reveals the way the photographer connects, understands, and interprets the world. We are all different and unique, and certainly each of us has a very distinct way of relating to the world and its inhabitants, of processing the stimuli we receive, of thinking and feeling, and of making connections and finding conclusions. When we use photography with the intent of showing others (and ourselves) that personal way of connecting with the world, we are not just using photography to show how the world looks to us, but mostly how it feels to us. 

Contrary to what the term might imply, personal expressive photography is not the result of a unilateral, individual effort. It is more the collaborative result of a dialogue, a conversation among the photographer, the subject matter being photographed, and the observer of the final image. 

Ebook of 140 pages with 51 case studies and many examples

Essential Seeing e-Modules consist of both written and audio-visual material. We rely on tried and tested methods to deliver effective learning by combining the three following elements: Theory | Practice | Reflection.

With this module, you will get: 

The ebook: The written content can be relied upon to deliver plenty of theory, with some practical scenarios occasionally included where relevant. We have adopted a straight to the point and condensed style. There is no bla-bla here... just useful information packed in 120 pages and accompanied by illustrative photographs from Rafael Rojas.

The exercises: We try to include a few challenging exercises at the back of each pdf - these are designed to provide practical, hands on experience of some of the key learning points in each module.


Money back guarantee of 30 days, you can not go wrong!

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  • The lessons you will learn from reading this eBook should allow you to become a better photographer and help you along the path to creating a more distinctive individual style. I felt inspired by the visual dexterity of the author, seeing more and more in his images as he carefully described how he had constructed them. So I think every photographer could learn a lot from carefully reading the in-depth image analyses, and most photographers will be able to take away messages about the future direction of their own photography and how to improve it. Highly recommended.
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    The Photographic Message

    The Ebook

    Price 25 CHF

    • 140 pages full of written content and key points
    • 51 case studies of finding the message
    • Suggested exercises
    • Format PDF
    • Size of file: 50 MB
    • Money-back Guarantee of 30 days


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