Printing with Intent I

The Art of Fine Art Printing and Colour Management from A to Z

Printing makes possible that final leap which makes a photograph exist, and that, in today's virtual world, is more important than ever before. 

Fine art prints are prints which can and should be signed by the artist, who assumes full artistic ownership and responsibility for the final print, attesting that it carries a piece of his or her soul printed as pigments on a piece of paper. 

Aspects like color management, inks and paper, linearization and color calibration, printers and soft proofing need to be understood and mastered. This new ebook will explain it all. 

In digital fine art printing, we open the door to a whole new universe. Aspects like colour management, inks and paper, linearization and colour calibration, printers and soft proofing need to be understood and mastered. The apparent obscurity and esoteric qualities of all these concepts have traditionally kept away most photographers, shy to open that door. For these reasons, many artists delegate printing to other photographers or specialised labs, asserting that professionals can do that job better than they can. We cannot, however, overemphasise the need for the creative photographer to craft his or her own fine art prints. Mastering the process, making our own decisions based on our intent, choosing our media, and seeing our photographs come out of the printer are extremely rewarding experiences, and necessary for us to claim full artistic responsibility and whole ownership of the final objects we are creating, and also to obtain the full reward at the culmination of the entire photographic process. In fact, if we were marathon runners, would we delegate to anyone else the task of crossing the line at the end of the race? 

With this complete and thorough ebook we guarantee you will master the whole process of colour management and printing. Experience the joy of fine printing, finally!


Ebook of 120 pages 

Essential Seeing e-Modules consist of both written and audio-visual material. We rely on tried and tested methods to deliver effective learning by combining the three following elements: Theory | Practice | Reflection.

With this module, you will get: 

The ebook: The written content can be relied upon to deliver plenty of theory, with some practical scenarios occasionally included where relevant. We have adopted a straight to the point and condensed style. There is no bla-bla here... just useful information packed in 120 pages and accompanied by illustrative photographs and diagrams. This ebook will take you as a beginner and provide you with all the knowledge and information you need to master the whole chain of colour management and printing.


Money back guarantee of 30 days, you can not go wrong!

If you are not happy with the purchase, we will give you back your money. Promised.


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Printing with Intent I

The Ebook

Price 25 CHF

  • 120 pages full of illustrations and key points
  • Straight to the point and compact content
  • Thorough and rigurous
  • Format PDF
  • Size of file: 25 MB
  • Money-back Guarantee of 30 days


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