Post-processing with intent I - The Ebook

Finally, a post-processing book about the why, rather than just the how

The arrival of digital technology has changed the way we approach post-processing nowadays, but the philosophy is the same as before. Digital capture provides us with digital negatives that we are then to develop into a final image which will be printed digitally. The tools have changed, but the process remains the same. As creative photographers who want to say things and convey feelings and emotions with our images, we have to consider post-processing as the culmination of our creative endeavors and assume the responsibility of using it with coherence and intent.  

Nowadays, most photographers think that mastering post-processing is a matter of mastering a particular software and learning a multitude of different techniques and filters. The truth, however, is that the most important thing in post-processing is to know what is the intent, mood, and message we want for the final photograph, to be able to see in our mind’s eye the final photograph the way we want it, and then to know in advance which adjustments of tone, contrast, micro-contrast, and color need to be done in order to get as close as possible to that vision. Once we know this, the tool we use is irrelevant, whether it is the analogic darkroom, the digital darkroom, or any of the many software programs available for post-processing. 

This is why in this ebook, “Post-processing with intent I,” we will study the most important and difficult task for the digital photographer today: knowing what is the intent and final vision we want for the image and what are the adjustments that need to be done in order to get there. All this is independent of the software we use, and will give us the most important foundations of knowledge in order to post-process our images using any kind of analogic or digital tool. In “Post-processing with intent II - The videos” we will discuss how to use a tool of choice, Adobe Lightroom, in order to make those changes.

Finally, a post-processing book that deals with the why, rather than just the how.


Ebook of 120 pages packed with examples

Essential Seeing e-Modules consist of both written and audio-visual material. We rely on tried and tested methods to deliver effective learning by combining the three following elements: Theory | Practice | Reflection.

With this module, you will get: 

The ebook: The written content can be relied upon to deliver plenty of theory, with some practical scenarios occasionally included where relevant. We have adopted a straight to the point and condensed style. There is no bla-bla here... just useful information packed in 120 pages and accompanied by illustrative photographs from Rafael Rojas.

The exercises: We try to include a few challenging exercises at the back of each pdf - these are designed to provide practical, hands on experience of some of the key learning points in each module.


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Bryan Timmons

  • I have finished going through your material; a huge step forward in my photography.
    Now I have a conceptual and artistic framework to use for capture and processing; I can't tell you how constructive that is.
    Before I was working on technical improvements in isolation, and feeling quite frustrated.
    And now I can't wait for your printing and Photoshop e-books and videos.
  • Michael Koppel

  • This video is not tutorial on Lightroom. Instead it is a tutorial on how to evaluate an image, what the subject or feeling Rafael wants to bring out in the image and what may distract from that. He tells you why he took an image (mystery, solitude, drama etc) and then, proceeds to show you how to use Lightroom as a tool to bring out that feeling in the image.

    I learned something in every example and was able to apply it to my work immediately. This (and the Black & White Landscape Photography II video) is a great tool for any one who wants to understand how to take a raw image and with your intention, bring it to life. Highly recommended.
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    Post-processing with intent I - The Ebook

    Part I - The Ebook

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