A piece of sand…

Hi there. We decided to spend finally some “real” holidays, one of those where you do nothing besides staying with your family, eating and going for a stroll at the end of the day…With these quite different specs needed for this kind of trip, we decided to rule out deserts, mountains and far away shores, and come to one of those places I would have never chosen for a photographic foray. A nice little house by the ”slightly built” mediterranean shore, with a swimming pool and nice BQQ. However, I could not avoid taking a camera with me (ok, two cameras) and decided to squeeze some opportunities around, avoiding any kind of preconceptions and just forgetting about the “need” of getting some nice images.

I must confess that as a real lover of the sea, I normally think more of cliffs, rocky shores, wide tides and atlantic waves crashing under heavy skies as the perfect marine environment. This is why, even if Spanish blood runs through my veins, I normally feel quite un-attached to the Mediterranean shore, quite populated, with its endless sandy beaches and sunny skies (wonderful for a swim, by the way). However, and this is something I try to recall myself every time, the best place to photograph is that one where you happen to be, and so I decided to break my “preconceptions” and go during some free time to capture the spirit of this place in my images, by using the three elements this “featureless” coast is about: sand, water and light…

Here I showcase a couple of images I took the last couple of days when I went out with my camera for an hour. The first one, taken at sunset under the last light of the day, the other one taken yesterday morning when I finally felt I should listen to my alarm clock :) I will try to squeeze some more time to photograph these next days…meanwhile, I think I will go for a swim in that swimming pool!

Thanks for reading and great light to you all!

Note: Click on the images to see them bigger!

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  1. sggphoto says:

    Considering that you didn’t “need” to get some nice images, you certainly did do just that. While the second of the sea is quite lovely, the abstract of the sandy “fishes” is so unique, imaginative and interesting that it might be the highlight of your photographic efforts.

    Enjoy your vacation, Rafael…. especially that pool. :-)

    • Hi Stephen! It is always a pleasure to find you comments around here…I agree with you, me too I am specially fond of the first abstract image. And I liked your comment, since I also saw gold fish all over the scene! I even spotted a swan there….I did not have too much time since after three images the water came and the whole thing was submerged. I took three images, and did focus stacking, since even at f22 the DOF was very limited, due to the high magnification used (200 mm of focal lenght). I applied a bit of polarization, but not too much, and left the light make the rest…
      I have gone some other times to this same spot, but could never get the same. The trick, low tide and sunset at once!
      take care stephen and great light to you mate ;-)

  2. jajaja, Y la familia no se mosqueo al verte con 2 cámaras! Imagino que deben verlas como tus extensiones naturales del cuerpo. Querer a Rafa es querer a la fotografía! (así se aficionó Gemma, como no pudo contra mi afición se unió a ella).

    Una de las cosas que me sorprenden gratamente es que aunque no se quieran hacer fotos “pensadas o estudiadas” las imágenes obtenidas no son tampoco las típicas de los turistas porque el sentido de la belleza, composición, luz y técnica están tan desarrollados que prácticamente se podrían considerar innatos.

    Me alegro que hayas podido descansar entre viaje y viaje, cursos y asistencias a recibimientos de premios.

    Un abrazo campeón, desde el Mediterráneo ;)

    • Hola Dani!!
      Pues si, digamos que ya estan bastante acostumbrados a verme con las camaras a cuestas! :) :)
      Una gran semana, las pilas algo mas cargadas, y ahora una lista de cosas por hacer que no me cabe en treinta folios! :) :)
      Es cierto que muchas veces cuando uno no se “obliga” a hacer imagenes es cuando estas salen solas…En ocasiones, uno se escucha a si mismo mucho mejor cuando la fotografia supone un bonus a la experiencia que supone un amanecer o unas texturas en la arena.
      O quizas sea la paella…quien sabe :) :)
      Un abrazote desde los Alpes, esta vez, y buena luz amigo ;-)

  3. Carmen says:

    la première est surréaliste!
    tes images m’envoient parfois à des poésies pleines des mots inventés, dont le sens on ne le trouve pas dans le dictionnaire.
    grand travail.

    • Carmen, multumesc pentru cuvinte asa frumoase!! ;-)
      Merci vraiment…ca me touche et me va direct au coeur.
      Et en plus, j’ai une bonne nouvelle, enfin il y a des nouvelles images dans la galérie! Y compris la première image, que moi aussi j’aime spécialement beaucoup…

      Merci encore et pe curind! :)
      Salutari de Ancuta

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